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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Facebook is down

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Search Results2010 › September › 23
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‎ FLSailfisherman‎: RT @TheBeerWench: Dear Facebook: You are ruining my efficiency right now because you are not working properly. Please fix yourself. Thanks.
Twitter - 36
36 seconds ago
‎ Meilander‎: Rofl. Facebook is down? Not for my mom. She's using it right now.
Twitter - 37
37 seconds ago
‎ kingkramer23‎: Is anyone else not able to get on Facebook right now?
Twitter - 51
51 seconds ago
‎ mrlemarquis‎: GEE - Thanks! Now I feel better! HuffingtonPost It's not just you! Facebook is DOWN ... via @HuffPostTech
Facebook DOWN: Users Report Problems With‎ -
Twitter - 51
51 seconds ago
‎ sewalef‎: Twitter n now FB :s RT @lostremote: Yes, , and it's breaking "like" buttons on sites all over the place. Not pretty.
Twitter - 54
54 seconds ago
‎ brettgodfrey‎: The #Twitter team is doing a small dance right now. Almost hear them saying "See! See! It's not just us! #Facebook has outages, too!"
Twitter - 64
1 minute ago
‎ beccarosler‎: Fk facebook. It`s not working for anyone right now apparently..
Twitter - 70
1 minute ago
‎ irohan‎: #10thingsToDoWhenFacebookIsDown if you are a geek you might have cleared the cache by now but oh lord its facebook and not your browser!
Twitter - 70
1 minute ago
‎ _ItsSandra_‎: ThankYou Facebook For Not Working (: Now I Can Actually Do Coursework :) :D
Twitter - 76
1 minute ago
‎ Poage_Photo‎: RT @JumbieQueen: Anyone having #Facebook issues? Not loading or pages loading super slow? Cuz I am! Ugh. Yep...down now for two hours
Twitter - 90
1 minute ago
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